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Getting Started with Church Admin

by Andy Moyle

Getting your church website set up can be daunting. To make the process quicker and easier to comprehend, we’ve compiled a comprehensive set of help docs that have everything you need to know and to do.

Planning your Implementation:

It’s important to get off on the right foot. Before beginning to configure the Church Admin Management Suite there are several decisions that must be made. This will keep us from needing to delete the database and start from the beginning if Church Admin is set up incorrectly for your church.

All of the items in the help menu section Planning represent decisions that must be made. Each one has it’s own help page to help you to understand the decision and it’s implications. Often, some sensible recomendatorios are made as well.

Choose Modules
Choose Filters
People Types
Marital Status
Member Types

Work through them in order, contacting us as often as you need, and your whole church will benefit from your diligence and wisdom.

These should be easy to do and should not take too long, but it’s important to finish them before moving on.


When the planning is done you are ready to configure the various modules. There are a few required modules that will be the core of every Church Admin Suite but there are many more optional modules. In order of importance, the following list are the help pages for you to configure the various functions of Church Admin for your website. You can use any or all of the following functionalities.

Sites and Services
How to set up the Work Schedule
Children’s Ministry
About Safeguarding
How to Import your directory as a CSV
How to Add a Household
How to Edit a Household
Making the most of the address list
What is GDPR? Does it apply to me?
Calendar Categories
Setting Up Your Bulk SMS Service
Tracking Attendance
How to Connect a WP User to a Person in Your Directory
Follow-up funnels
Menu favorites


Once everything is configured, your church’s Church Admin administrator (the person who will be responsible for Church Admin on your website) can begin to input your people, events, news, sermons, etc.

Update Calendar
Enter Rotas
Post Announcements and News
Enter Visitor Information
Enter Professions of Faith
How to Edit Households
Change Marital Status
Service Pre-booking
Prayer Requests
Small Groups
Create Classes
Enter Class Attendance
Create Events
Upload Sermons

Follow the Help documents in order prepare your Church management suite that will serve you well for years to come.