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Enter Class Attendance

Classes can be created to recur once, weekly, fortnightly, on a specific day of each month, monthly on the same day of the week and week of the month, or even annually. If the class was created as any of those excepting ‘once’, you can enter class attendance.

To enter class attendance, you must first be sure that when you create a class, or edit it, you enter the people who will be taking the class. To learn more about creating classes, see; Classes.

To add attendance for a class, first select a class by clicking on it’s name.

Mark the box to the left of the student’s names, for the date(s) of the class you would like, to mark their attendance to the class. See on the screen, our example student is named Test Person.

Make sure to click Update attendance to save changes.

That’s it. The classes that the student has attended will show Yes instead of the check box originally shown.

You can see the attendance you have entered, directly below the list of students (once you have updated attendance) along with a graph of the class’s average attendance. You can also see class attendance on the main Classes page under the list of classes.