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Enter Professions of Faith

In Church Admin, you can update a person’s status after they have professed faith.

The way we show that someone has professed faith is through Member Types. To set someones member type, they need to first be in the database.

Before you start, make sure to add a member type for members who have newly professed faith, such as our example for this help page: New Believers.

If the person is in the database you just need to search for them. If they are not in the database, see how to add people to the directory: How to Add a Household.

Click on their first name of the desired person to edit.

From this page you can change any information about the person including their member type.

Scroll down to find Member Type.

Open member types and select New Believer (or the member type you created to represent people who have newly professed faith).

After you have changed their member type, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Details.

Now that their member type has been set to new believer, so that, if you search for all new believers in the church, their name will come up on the list.