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Tracking Attendance

Track your church attendance with Church Admin! If you enter your church’s attendance numbers, you can easily review your attendance over the days, weeks, or years.
[ Note: you will need to set up Services before tracking attendance. ]

The attendance you add will be shown on an attendance graph by service.

There are two ways of entering attendance.

1. Click the Add attendance sub-menu item under Attendance, which brings up the following screen.

Choose the meeting or service which attendance you are adding. Select the date of the specific service day. Then enter the number of adults and/or children that attended and click Add attendance for that date.

2. Another method of entering attendance data is by individual people through the Individual attendance sub-menu item under Attendance. (Note: this is different than the menu item Individual attendance in the church admin menu.)

Clicking on the sub-menu item Individual attendance will take you to the following page.

Select the worship service that you will be entering attendance for. Then select the member type(s) from which you will be selecting attendees. Click Choose to continue to select people.

Select the date of the service for which you are entering attendance.

Then within this member type, select people individually by marking the checkbox on the left of their picture, or select all people within the member type by marking the checkbox next to Attended? column header.

At the very bottom of the page, you can enter in the total number of adults and/or children that attended. That number will not be calculated automatically simply by selecting people. If you want a total attendance number you must enter it yourself.

Click Save and you’re done! It will now show on the attendance graph, and can be seen in the attendance list under the graph.


You can export a CSV (comma separated values) file to your computer of any individual attendance entry under Individual Attendance CSV in the Attendance sub-menu in the Church Admin menu.

Simply select the service (Which Meeting), Member type, the starting and finishing dates, and click choose. If you want a CSV from only one day, select the same date for Start Date and End Date.


Back at the main Attendance page, there are a few features you should fully understand.

To view a graph of your church’s attendance, you must first select a service. As of now, there is no way to see the average attendance of all your church services.

Select either Weekly Attendance Graph or Rolling Average Attendance Graph.

Weekly Attendance Graph shows the exact attendance numbers through the weeks.

Rolling Average Attendance Graph shows a smoothed out version, without the drastic spikes up and down which come from time to time such as during holidays, to give you a more rounded view of your church’s growth.

Lastly, select the Start Date and End Date to limit the graph to the time you would like to see.

Click Show and the graph will load. The graph will show adult attendance in red, child attendance in yellow, and the sum total of both in blue.

Below the Attendance Graph is an Attendance List.

To use the Attendance List, simply select a Meeting (e.g. a worship service) and click Choose.

A list will load of all tracked attendance for the selected service. If you hover the mouse over a service attendance in the list, an option will appear to either edit or delete the attendance entry.