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Member Types

Member types are a way of categorizing people, used primarily for sorting communication. Creating Member Types allows you to select a certain type of member(s) to communicate with via email or SMS. The Member Type also provides a mechanism to track a Member’s journey as a part of your church, from their first time visiting to serving faithfully at your church.

By default there are two member types: Mailing List and Member. If you imported contacts by CSV, everyone was put the Mailing list member type. You may like to add more, as in Visitor, Regular attender, Staff, etc.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind as you are deciding which member types to create.

1) Church Admin provides other organizational tools for your directory:
A) People Types – Age based categories (default – Child, Teen, Adult) that are also flexible.
B) Gender
C) Marital Status
D) Activities, Groups, Classes, and Ministries
E) Family and/or household relationships

Therefore you want to avoid organizational overlap with the other categories.

2) The real power of the Member Type is that it gives you the ability to track what stage people are at as a part of your church and to assign Follow-up tasks. To learn more, see Follow-up Funnels.

Considering the above carefully, you can begin to entering in your new Member Types.

To add a member type, go to Add member types under People in the Church Admin menu.

Fill in the text field and click Save Member Type. It’s as simple as that!

You will be redirected to Member Types to a display of all your member types. If you ever want to view your member types, just go to Member Types under People in the Church Admin menu. From there you can also edit or delete member types.